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The following testimonials are taken from emails I've received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

A Few Brief Testimonials

Samah, Thanks for the push forward. You made me know that I make a difference. You are a light for many.


Dear Samah, You know you are a very special person for me - you have given me gifts and insight that I will always cherish and hold close to my heart.


Samah, Enjoyed the consultation last week. I just wanted to say that I had great news when I went to my office on Sunday! One of my manager had been recommend me for the position that I was dreaming of for a year now!  This was definitely a fulfillment of one of my goals and desires - to get a promotion in the next 6 months!


Samah, talking with you is very inspirational. I am glad that we have knowledgeable people like you to push others to believe in themselves. I wanted to say thank you.

Sincerely, Nawal

As a Life Coach and Pranic Healer, I work with clients, one on one, over an extended period of time (usually forty five minutes to one hour and half per week for one to three months). 
The sessions can take place face to face or over Skype. My aim is to help you to set and achieve goals, to provide encouragement and feedback and to assist you to discover new ways of tackling situations. 
I can assist you in all areas of life, where there is a desire to unlock potential and achieve new goals. They may be business goals or personal ones, such as improving self confidence. The idea being that the goals will become more achievable with the help of a professional mentor who can help with motivation and focus. 
- Personal Message from Samah, 21/05/2015.

The initial consultation, assessment, and vision statement can be done in person or through a phone/ Skype interview and it is free of charge.
Individual session Life Coaching and/or Pranic Healing is 85€/ 95$
Package of 4 sessions is 300€/ 335$
1H30 Meditation session with Crystal / Essential Oils Healing 120€/ 135$

Please note: All the sessions and packages are payable in advance and no refund is given in case of no show or cancellation without 24h  notice.

Dare2beHer Life Coaching
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