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Samah is a Certified Life Coach and a Pranic Healer.

She is a passionate individual whose purpose is to guide others to a greater level of self-awareness and deep healing. 

She has successfully led many people into a rich and fulfilling life experience, and the true freedom to realise their full potential. She is also a highly praised Entrepreneur and inspirational Speaker. 

Since childhood, Samah always had an extremely high level of empathy towards others, and to a large extent was able to feel what others felt. This gift however, left unmanaged, could easily become a burden. She acknowledged it as heightened sensitivity towards people and learnt to cope with it, trying not to be too affected. 

Following a life changing encounter in 2010, she woke up to herself again. This awakening led her to rediscover her natural abilities and reconnect with the inspiration to follow her path. 
She then received Pranic Healing and Life Coaching training from exceptional teachers providing the required structure around her practice. 

She has since then been guiding many individuals seeking healing, deeper understanding and true self-development. 
For the past five years, she has dedicated her time to get an extensive training to  improve and optimise Dare2beHer Life Coaching consultations.

Courses and Certifications:

  • Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Basic Pranic Healing Instructor 
  • Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Arhatic Yoga Level I 
  • Kriyashakti
  • Pranic Feng Shui
  • Spiritual Business Management
  • Certified Life Coach (UK)
  • Certified EFT Practitioner (UK)
  • Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner (UK)
  •  Certified in Holistic Nutrition (USA)

Dare2beHer Life Coaching
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